POPCORN Governance System

Here’s the governance chart to easily get an overview of the structure of the system. I made it after a discussion with Leon Adler at EthCC in Paris. It might be a bit outdated since then. Remember Anthony talking about moving the insurance from being its own contract to being part of treasury. Don’t know what’s the latest with that? I think this chart is great as a visual aide to explain the system, as well as it’s opening up to further discussion. For people who don’t know about DAO’s i.e. the Distribution schedule is a fantastic way to show the fact that we hard code in the outer limits of the distribution but it is in fact up to the community(!) to decide the actual distribution levels. For example the dynamic between staking and beneficiaries is very exciting! Please give feedback. Im happy to alter it any way you want for your specific purpose. I made it in Lucidchart and can also send you an invite to you can play around with it, just let me know. /@+ëL


I support your idea, and I also agree with chain governance.

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