[PIP 4] POP Airdrop to Strategic Partners


This proposal aims to increase participation in PopcornDAO’s decentralized governance by airdropping to strategic partners in the crypto and DeFi ecosystem. The proposal seeks to invite active community members and contributors from other DAO of protocols that Popcorn is currently collaborating with or planning to collaborate with in the future. The goal of the airdrop is to convert users from other DAO that have historically staked their tokens and participated in governance, and by virtue of airdropping, generate awareness for Popcorn and the utility of the POP token.


Project Addresses POP per person Total POP
Yearn 1,089 25 27,200
Convex 766 25 19,200
Olympus DAO 1,000 25 25,000
ENS 906 25 22,800
Radicle 171 25 4,300
Gitcoin 631 25 15,775
TOTAL 4,571 TOTAL 114,275


DAO consist of token holders that are eligible and incentivized to participate in governance to help achieve its vision. Token issuance and distribution are required to create a DAO and airdrops serve as a vehicle for increasing the size of the community as well as furthering decentralization. Airdrops also serve as an integral component in marketing strategy as a recruiting tool to attract active members from other DAO to participate in Popcorn’s decentralized governance.


A larger and more engaged community that can help PopcornDAO create positive global impact via permissionless and non-custodial yield-generating products is the goal. Recipients are encouraged to stake their POP to participate in PopcornDAO governance.

POP is a governance token that aligns incentives across all stakeholders including users, POP token holders, non-profit beneficiaries, the core team, advisors, and partners.

Token holders participating in Popcorn governance such as beneficiary nominations and grant elections must stake and lock POP for vlPOP to receive non-transferable voice credits. The longer token holders lock their tokens, the more voice credits are earned and the greater their claim to POP rewards. In addition, participating in beneficiary governance also offers token holders a chance to earn even more POP tokens through “Vote Mining” incentives.

Concerning Popcorn’s DeFi products, vlPOP holders will be able to:

  • Vote on which products receive POP emissions
  • Vote on how much POP is directed towards products
  • Earn staking rewards (trading fees)
  • Earn boosted rewards on products depending on a user’s voting power
  • Receive Airdrops

Eligible Candidates


Eligible addresses: 1,089

Methodology: User-owned accounts that transferred yVault tokens 4 times or more are eligible for the airdrop.

Convex Finance

Eligible addresses: 766

Methodology: User-owned accounts that locked CVX 15 times or more are eligible for the airdrop.

Olympus DAO

Eligible addresses: 1,000

Methodology: The top 1,000 addresses with OHM that staked 6 months within the protocol’s inception and have staked OHM more than 3 months are eligible for the airdrop.

ENS Domains

Eligible addresses: 906

Methodology: Addresses were collected using the OnChain events tracking for the ENS token contract and scored based on delegating frequency 3 times or higher per user.


Eligible addresses: 631

Methodology: Addresses were collected using the OnChain events tracking for the GTC token contract and scored based on delegating frequency 3 times or higher per user.


Eligible addresses: 171

Methodology: Addresses were collected using the OnChain events tracking for the RAD token contract and scored based on delegating frequency 1 or higher.

Please vote Yes if you support this proposal or No if you don’t support this proposal.:point_down:

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  • No

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In general this sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: However those 80k POP increase in potential sell pressure (I mean distributed voting power :upside_down_face:) should be accompanied with a proper marketing campaign (like for the OP airdrop? but without the shadow ban?).

What are the plans for the marketing campaign? How much budget are you planning ? Also, it might be a good idea to drop xPOP instead of POP and make sure xPOP can be used for voting (I think thats already the case?). That way there wouldn’t be much more sell pressure since xPOP needs to be vested over years?

Its ~115K in POP over ~4,500 active addresses. Sell pressure isn’t so much a concern imo given we’re coordinating instructions with the respective DAOs to stake POP in order to participate in governance. This is part of the marketing plan as well, but we also have a working group that is coordinating marketing here.


Yeah my bad, its 80k in USD at current price - I missed to add that. After thinking a bit about it sell pressure might not be a real issue - especially if the POP is distributed on Ethereum (tx cost).

However, I would like to see some rough marketing plan for transparency. For example: Do we have some interesting votes lined up as soon as the POP is dropped so people can experience their participation power right away? Are there plans to do even more twitter spaces and stuff with the projects mentioned above?

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Twitter Spaces is a good idea and something we can lineup given we have solid relationships with each community.

We have some things cooking that will require PopcornDAO governance so I’m confident we’ll have something our new recruits to chew on.


I’ll fill in my 2c.

This proposal is more well thought out than my first impression, which was that it looked a bit desperate. I like the strategic partners and the amount of reach with a relatively small investment.

I would be more all in with even more strategy added to the plan. What’s the intended measurable impact, and what would we like a bump in participation to do for the DAO? For example, is PopcornDAO wanting folks to input work, promote the protocol, liven up the community, expand beneficiaries, or is this more about generating more TVL?

I’d love to see the proposal have a plan to set up a rich landing pad to onboard and utilize the potential expansion of the community.


Successful DAOs require active communities. The proposal aims to recruit community members of others DAOs that have a higher proclivity in participating in PopcornDAO governance given their historical activity.

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Hey :wave:,

Love the thought process behind trying to enhance community engagement. I just had a thought that is perhaps a bit playing devil’s advocate to this situation - are the criteria for these airdrops targetting people that have a history of engagement?

For example, does vote locking your CVX mean that user actively engaged at governance level vs just taking other benefits of lock?

Perhaps there is a way to more closely tie it to active engagement in governance and community engagement?


I was actually speaking to a few people in the Airdrops channel on the Convex Discord and someone brought up the following:

If you want the “real” active participants take a look at the Convex <> Curve Gov votes (not Gauge votes)

Then this:

1. you should be able to get the data from snapshot’s api
for instance
you can enter the id from this proposal: Snapshot in the Votes query in the tool linked above and run that to get all the voters who participated in that vote (edited)
or in Proposals you can replace the line space_in: ["balancer", "yam.eth"], with space: "cvx.eth" to get all the convex proposals
6. [10:00 AM]
and if you only want the curve ownership votes (i.e. the ones that show involvement in the protocol, not just people voting for bribes)
you can add something like title_contains: "[Curve] Ownership"
once you get the queries you want from the playground you can run them via their API so it’s easier to compile a list of addresses programmatically

Then this!

  1. https://hub.snapshot.org/graphql?operationName=Votes&query=query%20Proposals%20{ %20%20proposals( %20%20%20%20first%3A%201000%2C %20%20%20%20skip%3A%200%2C %20%20%20%20where%3A%20{ %20%20%20%20%20%20space_in%3A%20["cvx.eth"]%2C %20%20%20%20%20%20state%3A%20"closed"%2C %20%20%20%20%20%20 %20%20%20%20}%2C %20%20%20%20orderBy%3A%20"created"%2C %20%20%20%20orderDirection%3A%20desc %20%20)%20{ %20%20%20%20id %20%20%20%20title %20%20%20%20start %20%20%20%20end %20%20%20%20state %20%20} } query%20Votes%20{ %20%20votes%20( %20%20%20%20first%3A%201000 %20%20%20%20where%3A%20{ %20%20%20%20%20%20proposal%3A%20"bafkreihwlnxurybpee3ou7ouidpn3fg6cfarvxtte4tozh3xnxifwtthza" %20%20%20%20} %20%20)%20{ %20%20%20%20voter %20%20%20%20created %20%20} }

  2. [10:37 AM]

^ Above queries + something like this Votium/calculateVote.js at 1923f022eee9b8efdc7de03bfaf868ebad835570 · oo-00/Votium · GitHub grabProposal & getVoters function modified with queries above. Then filter out all gauge weight proposals, then use the final list to get all voters


Yeah, that’s really cool. Same should be true of any protocol using snapshot as their governance hub so that could work very well.

If the idea is to get potential governance participation, why not make the eligibility dependent on the participation in the governance of the proposed protocols. This seems to be the case for ENS, Gitcoin and Radicle, but not for Yearn, Convex and Olympus.


I think the script that Convex provided might solve for that so I’ll se what I can do.

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I really like this approach! We should definitely micro-target groups.

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Welcome to the Popcorn Forum @Funk and thanks for your input!


When is the optimal time to do this?