POP excess from LBP - 75% to Stakers / 25% to Beneficiaries


This proposal is addressing a previous proposal I had submitted in POP remaining from the LBP Discussion/Proposal on how to allocate the remaining 1,869,946 POP supply from the Token Launch Auction. The community voted in favor of Proposal 2 where I proposed the following:

  • 75% (1,402,459 POP) to Stakers
  • 25% (467,486 POP) to future Beneficiaries

Given the majority vote is in favor of the above split I would like to take one final vote on the 75% to stakers/25% to beneficiaries split, where the 75% will be allocated to the liquidity mining program starting in January. A proposal for the liquidity mining program will also be submitted shortly. Below are the proposed vesting terms that will be offered in the liquidity mining program for the 75% allocated to stakers:

Vesting Terms

  • 10% of your POP rewards will be distributed immediately after claiming your rewards with the remaining 90% vesting over 12 months thereafter.
  • Duration of program: 6 months
  • Vesting: 1 year
  • Weekly Emissions: decaying linearly

Please indicate if you approve this proposal with Yes and if you disapprove with No!

  • Yes
  • No

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I honestly think LBP participants should be awarded some % of pop tokens remaining from the auction… most of us had to buy at $5 per pop token… so maybe 30% should go to LBP participants


I think this proposal is not a good idea, as it will lead to a massive dilution towards big holders.


I was told on discord that these polls are just informal to get an idea. If this is a dao and pop a governance token then this proposal should go to vote via snapshot (tokens held = voting power). This is not a silly vote on adding liquidty to dex, something that was going to happen anyway.


Hm that is an interesting point @Hellboy - @krychek will early investors with locked tokens be able to stake as they are able to vote?

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There will be a proper vote eventually! If not this would really be a problem. My understanding is that those forum discussions are just for finding a form that is able to win a majority.

I agree. Also instead of just having LP rewards, there should be attractive staking rewards. Otherwise it just benefits big wallets.


The final snapshot vote regarding this proposals is now live! Snapshot

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