[PIP-9] Reward vlPOP holders who participate in PopcornDAO governance


This proposal aims to reward active Popcorn users, specifically those participating in PopcornDAO governance. Users who have staked their POP and used their vlPOP to vote on snapshot proposals should be rewarded for participating in PopcornDAO governance, developing the protocol, and ultimately growing our community.

Action steps:

  • Allocate 10,000 POP to the rewards pool
  • Record wallets who voted on the upcoming PIP-7, PIP-8, and PIP-9 snapshots
  • The total amount of rewards distributed per user will be determined by the full allocation of the rewards pool divided by the total number of vlPOP holders who voted. vlPOP holders who voted on both proposals will be rewarded proportionally.

Desired outcomes:

  • Increase PopcornDAO governance participation
  • Incentivize user activity on popcorndao.finance
  • Inject more utility into the POP token


Governance participation is vital to the success of a decentralized organization and protocol. By virtue of incentivizing DAO participation by rewarding POP stakers, we can also expect buy pressure for the token which is beneficial for all PopcornDAO members, which will ultimately attract more DAO members who are mission aligned with Popcorn.


  • Take a snapshot of all wallets that voted on PIP-7, PIP-8, and PIP-9 after PIP-9 is complete
  • Voters will be rewarded proportionally to how many times they voted with an equal share from the rewards pool, meaning if you voted twice you will receive double the amount of the equal share received amongst one time voters.
  • POP rewards will be airdropped within 1 week after PIP-9 has been closed
  • POP rewards will be staked for you and will follow the same 12-week lock stake window with 10% claimable and 90% vesting linearly after unlock
  • Your voting power will increase as a result of the airdrop

The intention with this proposal is to incentivize current and new PopcornDAO members to participate in governance. Dependent on the effectiveness of PIP-8, we can submit periodic proposals to incentivize PopcornDAO participation.

Please vote on the proposal:

Please vote on PIP-9
  • Approve
  • Disapprove

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Wen more exchange to. list

Below are the wallet addresses that participated in PopcornDAO governance on snapshot with the number of PIP’s they participated in and respective rewards.

TX: Address 0xc3e1d0f6e850f7847b079adeca0df2a51f4f3bb2 | PolygonScan

Address # of PIPs POP Payment
0x21CDa3c90964aF7589F2124fE035d18fB1bea86b 2 294.1176471
0x2e6C471283a88BfBD1a9bce634Ac0Fd265354E5F 1 147.0588235
0x51771112D43326f9Cb1b97bE4aa74e71Dd6Ed100 1 147.0588235
0xdA6CF769c1ebd8c41Bc97C5539b8D1b34C872B6b 1 147.0588235
0x4476D23d376c6A47a1f97BA9D8b8BaCc59cC5E3F 1 147.0588235
0x34Fc290da8437dfb3249bf4f4B2ba3836D16Bc69 1 147.0588235
0x22f5413C075Ccd56D575A54763831C4c27A37Bdb 2 294.1176471
0x0F7E538C6dcC6810023F9172441a76B6900E332a 3 441.1764706
0xEc99bBB6137A80c959db44fDCDA5D0ACE324e7ce 3 441.1764706
0xAb58067c50528790Fcc3C49495B0B9DE9a2C6399 3 441.1764706
0xCd1aCD2bDf3a7d78776676cAE01d39B53376D207 3 441.1764706
0x8776f66E728D5c40940fE6218411A6d90e399707 2 294.1176471
0xfa2336eCA18b9BC384144Ad7f29E2137EE0564D1 3 441.1764706
0x26eB1c0F70f7a3ab612bEFBBf4e738135c84fDeA 3 441.1764706
0x31A4E239bC3db64Bba25823c8ac97687cC65237b 2 294.1176471
0xaB2A73b2766F04DfAF177c153eeD447d2f811704 3 441.1764706
0x8188956482dE21c3F57f9e8A4dAb0F1290dEED92 2 294.1176471
0xd77c2FE910B284F36A2389103e5b39A0FC8CC9ea 2 294.1176471
0x90bf93475687dF4d67360D6Db99D20aB00543857 3 441.1764706
0xdb39067dCF7DefC9924ffE2858EC1cf3B807e69f 2 294.1176471
0xbC1500dAafF721f626Ef1a4F1a8C4e333648c5A4 3 441.1764706
0xba8765802198e5c19F2BA8fe9b0dA2B225927AAf 3 441.1764706
0xb39D022eDF05C31e1981f4F4D8137dDa9C57CFaE 3 441.1764706
0x39FD1d5394e3D4d91a7524Dd5Ee969218Ff4EF9E 3 441.1764706
0x7710E7e881333Fd3396Ca5966BeD6E72746b612D 2 294.1176471
0xA2BA2e29d1cde1B40C510dD0c6D29f062942A83b 2 294.1176471
0x370D057c5A61aF994dD7916224988Fc414cCc0D8 1 147.0588235
0xA440CCd3F4D16999d5De306dAD9B6DD047A7D99D 1 147.0588235
0xc1B5F393b64ff167447f87e6a443d9840f9d0604 2 294.1176471
0x366b197032453A0E414476024b8F9f4FE72081C3 1 147.0588235
0x865D7eb5db37cc02ec209DD778f4e3851a421A20 1 147.0588235
0x44447651770B44B3f66E59F3f4330Fb6f7434383 1 147.0588235
0x85969ff7857104cDE0C3872c6513EBA6A8d6C6bd 1 147.0588235
0x60b37A4620ac2F9589DCcc570b20D146b95B5725 1 147.0588235

Have these been disbursed?

Yes, they have: Address 0xc3e1d0f6e850f7847b079adeca0df2a51f4f3bb2 | PolygonScan

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My address is on the list…Where I can see my rewards?

You can look up your vlPOP balance with this link:


And then query balanceOf

Zero balance shown. Please check

Did u check my query?

@rizsam check here: PopLocker | Address 0xe8af04ad759ad790aa5592f587d3cfb3ecc6a9da | PolygonScan