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Popsters! We’re dedicating a topic to the community’s suggestions for Popcorn’s network of beneficiaries.

Come through :snowboarder: slide in your suggestions. Let’s discuss and build a network of carbon saving, socially meaningful, educational, open sourced :dizzy::star_struck: superstars :star_struck::dizzy:

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Urban Tilth is an environmental and food justice nonprofit that runs an urban farm, provides classroom programs, training opportunities, sells community supported agriculture (CSA) veggie box memberships, and provides community events and activism in an otherwise long-term food desert in Northern California.

They are a member of the national organization - Climate Justice Alliance. They also have 7 school and community gardens and small urban farms to teach and employ community members to grow, distribute, cook, and consume thousands of pounds of local produce each year.

Check them out at:


Suggested beneficiaries - Regenerative Agriculture:

  • Kiss the Ground
  • Mad Agriculture
  • Farmer’s Footprint (farmersfootprint .us)
  • Regenerative Rising (regenerativerising .org)
  • Grounded (grounded

Suggested Beneficiaries - Black & Indigenous-led Organizations:


MBT Infra Mozambique Lda, is looking to re-insure the risk that could be faced by insurance providers for crop insurance in Mozambique. Most farmers in Mozambique are subsistence farms, so people grow the foods they eat over the year. So bad weather can mean a family going hungry for months!

MBT Infra has been working 700+ farmers in Mozambique for the last decade. From our experience so far, we see that there is a dire need for Crop Insurance for local farmers, to help them build resilience to sudden weather patterns. Traditional insurance does not help them quick payments, and has a high premium cost.

We are now use alternate data like satellite imagery and local weather stations to develop smart contracts that can take insurance premiums using mobile money, and also give quick payouts, based on non-traditional data. This will also help farmers cut their dependence on opportunistic loan sharks etc. Low premiums can be charged as the cost of verification can be reduced by cutting the human verification on the ground, thanks to new technologies.

We are now working with DeFi tools to achieve our dream of a resilient Mozambique.

Those who are pros at this relatively new concept of DeFi, please advise us!! :pray: :writing_hand: :nerd_face:


I just had an idea… Local organizations list their supporting organizations on their websites. This might be a better way to find philanthropic orgs that could be Popcorn beneficiaries…

For example, I recommended Urban Tilth in Richmond California. One of their supporters is: Climate Justice Alliance.

Doing this kind of connection tracking might help --lead to-- discover organizations that are already defi-oriented or defi-primed to onboard into the ecosystem. Outreach efforts might also include mention of the original organization as a means of encouraging additional support.

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I would like to propose the Social Innovation Studio for the Avatime Forestry Community as a beneficiary.

Our mission is to elicit a list of social challenges from low-income communities then motivate a crowd of crypto experts to leverage blockchain-related innovations to reimagine solutions that are sustainable and profitable. Our crowd of crypto experts will help local entrepreneurs start companies that solve local challenges and help grow those companies to product market fit and beyond.

This gives local community members equal access to entrepreneurship. It also enables local contributors to accept payment in a crypto currency that is convertible into cash or shares in the social innovation studio. This provides equal access to early participation in venture capital for local community members who contribute to the studio’s portfolio companies. The contributor’s risk is spread across all companies in the studio’s portfolio.

Each portfolio company must offer profit with purpose. We have already prioritized causes that include climate finance, crypto education in collaboration with Bankless Africa, automated micro loans for female market traders and a decentralized factory for disenfranchised youth.

One example, is Carbon Collectible NFTs (, who promotes equity and Inclusion in climate finance for low-income forestry communities. The problem solved is that low-income forestry communities, like Avatime in the Volta Region of Ghana, are excluded from selling traditional carbon offsets to monetize their mature forest. Their excellent carbon sequestration is regarded as “business-as-usual” and not “additional” or new. This “additionality” requirement may be a good policy for the USA and Europe but its exclusivity is disastrous for low-income economies.

To right this wrong, we are disrupting the traditional carbon offset industry by offering a new class of “digital” carbon offset. Certification is free of charge and we include mature forests. This adds equity and inclusion to climate finance.

Each Carbon Collectible NFT includes digital and virtual rights to one unique hectare of mature forestry for gaming, metaverse and IRL applications for 10 years into the future. Each NFT includes 5 IRL “digital” carbon offsets. We reinvest 65% of NFT revenues into forest management activities and into the Avatime social innovation studio (50%). This empowers local entrepreneurs to solve local problems while creating alternative livelihoods, more employment and local economic growth.


Suggested beneficiary organization: Community

Category: Education

The Community is a social impact organization with the goal of providing disadvantaged children with access to quality basic education.

More than 387 million children around the world do not have access to quality basic education. To solve this problem (and reduce illiteracy around the world), the Community develops educational technology that enables children to learn foundational literacy and numeracy.

The technology is made available as Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), licensed under the MIT license, so that anyone can download and use it. The software is also designed to work offline, in order to reach areas with limited Internet connectivity.

As part of our distribution model, we also aim to purchase learning devices (Android tablets/smartphones) for those children who do not already have access to this.

Open Source Business Model

Funds received from donors and the DAO treasury are paid out each month to contributors who provided value to the community in any of these categories of work:

  1. Content Creation :notes::studio_microphone:
  2. Engineering & AI/ML :woman_technologist:t4:
  3. Distribution & User Testing :motor_scooter::dash:


  • Website:
  • GitHub: Ξlimu DAO · GitHub
  • Organization name: Community DAO
  • Current DAO treasury balance: $97,000 (generating roughly $1,500 per month to fund operations)
  • Donation address: elimu.eth
  • Community token: [See Medium blog post]

CC @MattJ


I want to propose the nonprofit Building Beats as a beneficiary.

Since 2013, Building Beats has developed and expanded DJ, digital music production and podcasting programs, instilling entrepreneurship, leadership and life skills in New York City’s youth. Our workshops began with the idea of teaching with free cloud-based software and a curriculum based on popular music to counteract the high costs and entry barriers of traditional music programs. If you’re curious about what we use, you can find many of the websites in our Toolbox to teach music production. We work in all types of schools as well as juvenile detention centers and homeless shelters.

Overall, we want to empower individuals to become creative producers that will benefit their community while leading fulfilling lives.

To quote our founder Phi Pham, “Building Beats is a space for any young creative to learn how to thrive through learning, entrepreneurial development and mentorship.

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Hi there, a few weeks back I suggested we add the Nature Conservancy as a beneficiary organization. Melody recently notified me that “Popcorn had formally invited the Nature Conservancy to become a beneficiary and they are very open to work with us.”

Great to hear the Nature Conservancy wants to work with us and I’m excited to see what we can do for/ with them :slight_smile:


(Desikris #4587)


Njombe Innovation Academy unleashes the potential of youth to transform local challenges into social enterprises in Njombe (Tanzania). We do so through a self-organized community where scholars practice “freesponsibility” to develop personally and professionally.

We are replicating SINA´s successful 5 stage empowerment model: social enterprises which have emerged at SINA in Uganda range from organic mosquito repellent soap to construction out of plastic bottles or a flooring solution from plastic bags and eggshells.


Hi. Do you have a contact for us to reach out to at Building Beats?

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Hi! Do you have any contact information for us to reach you?

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Hello! My name is Garrison Breckenridge, Product Manager at the American Cancer Society focused on crypto. We are the largest private funder of cancer research after the US gov. We provide life-saving research, health equity advocacy, and patient support services. I have many ideas for philanthropic projects in the web3 space in the new year, and scoping out impact-focused DeFi initiatives led me to Popcorn :popcorn:. Looking forward to learning more about the project and exploring opportunities within the community! Always happy to talk about ACS’s forward crypto strategy. Keep up the good work guys! :rocket:


Welcome to the Popcorn Community Justin!

Looking forward to your interest and participation!



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Welcome to the Popcorn Community Garrison!

Looking forward to your interest and participation!



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Hi Justin! Thank you for reaching out to us. We received your email. We will respond with a proper proposal shortly. I understand that we need to register the project with Giveth or the Giving Block. Can we register with project after submitting the proposal? or is it that registration with Giveth needs to be before submission of the proposal? Thank you so much for your time :slight_smile:

Hey! Feel free to apply before you set up Giveth, but we will need Giveth set up to complete your application. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Greens for Good is a venture within Sensorica that aims to design, prototype and disseminate an open source, DIY plant protein extractor to bridge protein demand deficits at present or in catastrophes.

A modular, open-source, do-it-yourself (DIY) and scalable extruder that can be used to extract proteins and oil, mill corn, make pasta and chips, among other things. The device can be produced using locally available parts and materials in rural areas and villages across the developing world.

Sensorica is an open value network where we adopt an ant-cloud like approach to documentation and organisation and functioning, where people are encouraged to leave breadcrumb trails and comments organically. We call this collaborative dynamic stigmergy


The Crypto Commons Association
is a non-profit organization founded in early 2021 to consolidate the nascent movement of crypto commoners as a counter-force to capitalist realism increasingly taking hold in the crypto sphere. Its mission is to facilitate engagement with digital common goods and infrastructure in the context of DLTs, their academic reception, and analysis, their public accessibility as well as their broad social application. In particular, we strive to put crypto in the service of social, economic and environmental justice, which for us necessitates a comprehensive transition to post-capitalism.

To reach these aims, the CCA organizes community events, conducts research projects, produces multimedia publications and operates a Hub as a temporary home for benevolent DAOs and ‘Blockchain 4 Good’ initiatives.

The CC Hub. A home for visionaires
The CC Hub is located in a charming former country inn at the eastern foot of the Austrian Alps. Its intimate atmosphere, reminiscent of a communal living project, is particularly well suited for fostering real connections among peers. Besides hosting digital nomads, artists, DAOs and projects on retreat, the Hub feats events of all sorts and acts as a practical test bed turning post-capitalist visions into reality on a small, immediate scale.

An array of events each address a crucial leverage point in transforming the leitmotif of crypto from individual profit to societal abundance and planetary
benefit. In 2022, we organize three week-long events:

  • ReFi Unconference: Financial protocols for planetary healing
  • OURverse Hackathon: Commons-centric alternatives to the ADverse
  • Crypto Commons Gathering: From community to movement

OurVerse. Animated film series
Crypto Commons Documentary