POPstar Proposal - Renerio

Hey everyone. Just came from Discord and wanted to share with you an overview of what I have in mind for Popcorn as my Popstar Application. As I work on the specifics of the project, I hope to get feedback, polish the plan and collectively, do more good as much as we can.

A little background about myself to put everything in context. My name is Renerio and I’m from the Philippines. Technology has always fascinated me although I embraced blockchain rather late.

I absolutely love the outdoors and is a founding member of a local outdoor club. Our activities has allowed me to experience what we stand to lose if we do not take care of our environment. I likewise hail from Tacloban City which Typhoon Haiyan ravaged last 2013. On the other hand this has also has given me insight on how mountainside folks do not have access or barely have access to social services and thus live with less opportunities ordinarily enjoyed by others.

These are what drive me and the club to spearhead donation campaigns, tree planting drives, relief operations, practice the Leave No Trace Principles (LNT) by funding ourselves. With blockchain, I see an opportunity to do more with more impact. This is why the goal of Popcorn Network resonate so much with me.


The goals here are three-fold:

  1. To fully utilize the promise of blockchain technology and empower the classes D and E in the Philippines who otherwise would not be reached by the technology because they do not have (i) the knowledge (ii) time to learn or (iii) plainly nobody cares. This goal would be achieved by making accessible the financial products of Popcorn to them.
  2. To leverage the Popcorn Network by serving as its technical partner and help promote the #DEFI4GOOD movement.
  3. To help usher the embracement of crypto in the Philippines.


Goals #1 & #2 are tricky as I have little to zero knowledge on the financial laws of our country although I hope the learning curve won’t be too much as I do have a Juris Doctor degree. I hope to learn more from the community on this aspect. To start, I see onboarding 10 members as our first significant milestone. The plan is simply to start small, learn along the way and scale.

Goal #3 will be achieved by the CryptoCurrencyPinoy Facebook Page which I have started together with my wife. . The project aims to achieve its goals by publishing:

  1. Relevant and timely news on cryptocurrency projects that aim to make a positive impact on Filipinos. It will have its primary focus on the PopCorn Network.
  2. A bi-weekly post on the fundamentals of Crypto without its technicalities or at the very least, toned down.
  3. The posts will be made in both English and in the Filipino dialect (Tagalog) to make it more accessible to Filipinos.

I guess this is it for now. Thanks everyone for reading!


Renerio, your proposal is inspiring and its great to have you as a POPstar. I hope that with your help, we can extend Popcorn’s impact into the Philippines. Please let me know what I can do to assist you on this journey.

Welcome aboard and let’s put your ideas into action!


Hey Renerio, fellow POPStar :slight_smile:

I have some experience with the 1. Challange, getting people ready to use DeFi, which can be very tricky if there is no, or little prior knowledge about the technology & the space in general.

What do you have in mind, to make the products more accessible to them? I think some sort of educational content about the space in general, along with a step by step tutorial on how to use the popcorn products, or DeFi products in general would be a good start.

Now that I think of it a educational game with quests would be great, upon completion of the quests there could be small $POP prizes for the people completing them.

Let me know what you had in mind and we can Brainstorm together!


Hi all.

Renerio I have a strong personal connection with the Philippines as I trained there with the Climate Reality Project back in 2016 and met many climate warrior friends along the way.

And Valp’s gamification suggestion made me think of the staggering statistic that 60% of Axie Infinity players are from the Philippines (unless I have it completely wrong!).

Take a look here How Axie Infinity Creates Work in the Metaverse | Leah Callon-Butler

There must be a potential opportunity to further achieve your awesome goals with Popcorn’s #defi4good model.

Happy to help in any way.