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I know popcorn has further cross-chain on it’s roadmap. I’d highly suggest looking at Beethoven X. It’s a balancer friendly fork on FTM. They have their own lbp auction program similar to Cooper and has a fast growing guage system complete with bribes to fbeets holders for emmisons. A 20k bribe can equal 100,000 worth of beets emmisons over a 2 week period. Great for growing liquidty. The faster pop can get on FTM or avax the better since these are the hot and growing networks with strong community.

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@anna-marie I’d like to suggest a formal partnership with GoodDollar, a Social Investment Protocol in the mission to deliver Universal Basic Income to all people around the world.

  • +300k unique registered users
  • +50k active users
  • ~50k USD sustainable and organically distributed
  • User base majorly coming from third-world emerging countries as Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, India & Venezuela.
  • For more relevant indicators, see our dashboard.

We are a gateway to crypto for thousands of non-crypto users facilitating UX and access to cryptocurrencies, we are strongly aligned with PopCorns values. We are building technology that it’s inclusive by design, willing to bring its access to millions, while empowering our community to rule the economy that will sustain UBI for all the people around the world. We are in the long run, and bringing strong partnerships like one with PopCorn would be a great support for both of our organizations.

We actually initiated a first partnership approach on PopCorn’s treasury management discussion few weeks ago. But I think there haven’t been any updates for a while.

I’m happy to bring more details about GoodDollar and work together on formalizing this partnership proposal.


Thanks @Gus Let’s look at this again post EthDenver? Thanks

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We are a charity based NFT project called Teddy Gang Club (TGC) that aims to end bear bile farming in SE Asia. Working closely with Animal Asia, we are using NFTs to target NFTs enthusiasts providing them the opportunity to have a positive impact on this world.

Mint of the TG collection is ongoing, we have two donations planned: $1,000 will be donated to Animal Asia when 2500 NFTs are minted. Another donation of $15,000 will be made when we achieve sell-out. Thanks to the $15,000 donation, we will be given the opportunity to save a moonbear’s life and tie the Bear Guardian title to TGC.

We are hoping to connect with people who have the same values as we do, and will help us get our cause out there. We embrace your will to make a positive impact globally, and we think we would be a perfect partner for you.

Our team is fully Doxed and we are working closely with Animal Asia to target new audiences through NFTs. We have their official support and recognition, a big pride for us but also a big responsibility.

Looking forward to having your feedback.


Hey there! This is an awesome cause, and one that would be great to support in the future, once our beneficiary infrastructure is up and running. We’ve actually been in contact with an organization called Arc which seems very much in line with your cause. I’d love to connect you with their team; they’re great. Can you shoot me an email at will@popcorn.network?


How about partner with some NFT community?

Moonjelly DAO is focused on creating real and measurable impact towards ocean conservation. The DAO is still in its early days and I have been a member since its launch. Here is a link to their Discord if anyone is interested in learning more: Moonjelly