Suggested Beneficiary - Urban Tilth (Richmond, CA)

Urban Tilth is an environmental and food justice nonprofit that runs an urban farm, provides classroom programs, training opportunities, sells community supported agriculture (CSA) veggie box memberships, and provides community events and activism in an otherwise long-term food desert in Northern California.

They are a member of the national organization - Climate Justice Alliance. They also have 7 school and community gardens and small urban farms to teach and employ community members to grow, distribute, cook, and consume thousands of pounds of local produce each year.

Check them out at:


@mattj thanks so much for suggesting beneficiaries! It’s important to keep it local so that members of the community can make real connections. For the beginning, the Foundation may just be focused on environment, education and open source projects.

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No problem. I edited the OP to reflect more directly the organization’s emphasis on environment and education. And I totally understand that not every organization suggested will fit into Popcorn’s criteria.

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Njombe Innovation Academy unleashes the potential of youth to transform local challenges into social enterprises in Njombe (Tanzania). We do so through a self-organized community where scholars practice “freesponsibility” to develop personally and professionally.

We are replicating SINA´s successful 5 stage empowerment model: social enterprises which have emerged at SINA in Uganda range from organic mosquito repellent soap to construction out of plastic bottles or a flooring solution from plastic bags and eggshells.

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