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Hello everyone in the Popcorn community! I’ve been a POPstar for close to a year and would love to learn more technical skills in order to be able to contribute to the community in new ways. There is a 4-week long dapp developer course called DappCamp that promises to cultivate the ability to do exactly that. I am writing this proposal to request the community’s approval for funding my endeavor into the program. The cost would be $3,000 USD; thank you for your time!

Hi @umq, it’s awesome that you’re thinking of more ways to provide value for Popcorn.

As a self-taught dev who has taken numerous courses, I’d say that price is steep for a boot camp, let alone a one-month program. I believe everything one needs to become a software developer is free. If you’re the type that needs a little hand holding, Udaicity’s course on blockchain development is better. You can access that for four months by paying a few hundred dollars. The course is more comprehensive and intense, and It will better prepare you to contribute to Popcorn technically.

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Hey @umq, thanks for submitting this proposal. In addition to Cardo’s excellent ideas, for a request seeking funding it would be helpful to outline more specifically how Popcorn would benefit from the technical skills you seek to gain. Are there particular development efforts you aim to take on? Have these been discussed with any members of Popcorn’s dev team to ensure there’s a gap to fill? Presenting the case in this way would make it easier for the community to understand the value this would provide to Popcorn.

Separate note, typically RFCs are submitted before proposals with a vote attached. That way, you can get input and make refinements to a proposal before asking the community to vote yes or no. Thanks!