Post Token Launch topics to address

Hi PopcornDAO!

This post is to address community questions regarding the following topics that we will be answering this week:


  • We will be announcing more details on the release of butter this week.

DEX Liquidity

  • The PopcornDAO, or POP token holders, will vote on deploying liquidity to decentralized exchanges on snapshot. This is a formality. Bare with use while we prepare the vote and liquidity.

Liquidity Mining

  • Details on when, where, and how you can farm POP with our products will be released this week.


  • Information regarding the redemption of your xPOP for POP will be announced this week. Those who have not received an airdrop for our previous airdrop campaigns please stay tuned as we will be informing you on when, where, and how to expect your airdrop.


  • Information on when, where, and how you can stake POP on Ethereum and Polygon will be announced this week.

Remaining LBP POP Supply

  • We will be proposing how to allocate the remaining ~1.8M POP from the LBP this week.

I know you’re all hungry for Popcorn. The core team is very excited to launch all of our products. Thank you for your patience!




Thanks for update :slight_smile:
Cant wait to find safe place with high apy for my fiat and stake $POP!

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Awesome stuff! Next upcoming days will be a wild ride

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Thanks for the elaborate info. Can’t wait to get started.

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