Popcorn and SNI Hackathon Winter 2022

As part of a strategic partnership with Sovereign Nature Institute (SNI), Popcorn is planning to provide equivalent of USD 10,000 POP tokens as a prize for winners of the SNI Hackathon Winter 2022.

"SNI is a platform created by the founder of Grid Singularity and Energy Web. It aims to foster the exploration and development of technologies that can allow nature to become self-governing. SNI strives to reconfigure the intersection between ecology, economy, and emerging technologies to open our minds to radical approaches toward sustainability.

The SNI Hackathon Winter 2022 call is announced on November 18, 2021. The event will take place in February 2022.

Areas of interest for this organization that may be relevant to your work are:

· Land Ownership (“Land Trust”) and models of public/private/nature partnership

· Soil Repair through Phytoremediation: Plants that absorb, stabilize or exhaust high concentrations of pollution.

· Air quality monitoring (see also a related project elsewhere in Amsterdam created by De Ceuvel partner Waag)

· Rewilding / Native species restoration

· Urban agriculture / Aquaponics

The Winter 2022 Hackathon is a juried competition with a cash and coin prize (insert supporters here). Winning teams will be allowed to further develop the solution submitted and integrate it as part of the Sovereign Nature Tech Stack. Together with other stakeholders who are part of the SNI ecosystem, winning teams will also have the opportunity to showcase their technology at a public event at De Ceuvel in North Amsterdam in May 2022."

Read more details from SNI here

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