[PIP 1] - Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI) Plan

Following posting of RFC for Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI) Plan on Popcorn Forum & Discord RFC Channels on January 21st, 2022, 7 days have been allowed for feedback, comments, questions and suggestions. As per Popcorn DAO RFC/PIP governance process, all discussion, feedback and responses will be first summarized below and then a Forum Vote added by Core Team Member for initial confirmation by Popcorn DAO Community Members, which will then be followed by a Snapshot Vote if confirmed during the Forum Vote.

Summary of RFC Discussions:

A summary of the specific questions and suggestions made to RFC 1 has been completed and posted under the RFC. Here’s the link to that summary: [RFC 1] - Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI) - #11 by Scorpio

Briefly, there were two queries on whether moving forward with this SMI Plan would mean that Popcorn’s only social impact focus was the environment. Answer to this was unequivocally NO as Popcorn Community members have the ability to post similar plans for any area of social impact. Additionally, query was made as to how the SMI Plan fit with Popcorn’s Mission and Goals to which a detailed response was provide here: [RFC 1] - Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI) - #7 by Scorpio

PIP 1 - Next Steps

For those who have not yet seen / reviewed the RFC document, this has been posted below now as Popcorn Improvement Proposal 1 - Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives, below which Core Team member has added the Forum Vote. To review full discussion / details of the above questions/suggestions summarized above, please visit the RFC link here: http://forum.vaultcraft.io/t/rfc-1-sustainability-measurement-incentives-smi/486

Popcorn Improvement Proposal 1 – Sustainability, Measurement &
Incentives (SMI)


The focus of this proposal is to inform, educate and confirm PopcornDAO’s support to develop a plan for the creation of a Sustainability, Measurement, and Incentives (SMI) initiative plan.

This initiative supports carbon reduction for both individuals and companies through the identification, funding, and coordination of relevant beneficiaries.


For 26 years politicians have unfortunately failed miserably at solving for the challenge of Climate Change. The Sustainability, Measurement, and Incentives (SMI) program is all about defining and
executing a grassroots plan that leverages DeFi to incentivize the goal of limiting global temperature increases to a 1.5C rise or less.

Clearly the current mechanisms that governments and international bodies have put in place are not working with a focus on only measuring the outcomes and not the sources of carbon. Adding to this, a litany of failed goals, promises and pledges still show no signs of being able to work in time to stop irreversible damage to our environment.

As a way of turning frustration into action, DeFi can support the development and rollout of universal Measurement tools for Individuals and Companies and then in concert with other sources create and encourage Incentives to realize needed reduction goals. The goal is to develop and put the right plans in place for concrete action that will measure and then incentivize both Individuals and Companies to reduce carbon creation as needed.


Clearly given the scale and complexity of this challenge, no single beneficiary will be sufficient to complete these tasks. What’s proposed is for Popcorn to initially fund the development, and then subsequently the rollout, of a Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI) Facilitation Catalyst Plan for both Individuals & Companies in 25 countries.

This plan will include identification and determination of the most appropriate and relevant beneficiaries, as well as the sponsorship which will be needed for them to then carry out the tactics set out within the SMI plan once complete. Funding required for plan development would be 2,000 POP per week with an expected duration of 12 weeks. SMI Plan deliverables to include required strategy/tactics for both Individual & Company Measurement as well as next steps with rollout funding requirements including the proposed beneficiary sponsorships and amounts.


  • Development of an incremental plan to accomplish major change
  • Completed plan will include engagement with multiple beneficiaries
  • Concrete project with clear social impact on Sustainability goals
  • Plan envisions major Popcorn role in funding significant social impact

Contracts/Technical Requirements:

None at this phase of project

Organizational/Partnership Requirements:

Nothing additional required, all non-technical resources included in Proposal portion above


Unlikely event plan developed is determined to be unfeasible

Next Steps:

Next steps following RFC Review and PIP processes will be to review and approve completed SMI Facilitation Plan along with proposed beneficiary engagements and funding.

Forum, Discord and Additional References:

Discord Discussions:









Standards and Methods for a Carbon Footprint Calculation

Various standards ensure the comparability of carbon footprints. This article compares the ISO-Standard with the GHG-Protocol.

Should Popcorn move forward with funding the completion of [PIP 1] - Sustainability, Measurement & Incentives (SMI) Plan at 2K pop per week for 12 weeks duration?
  • Yes
  • No
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Hello Team! Wondering when we’ll be able to move this successful Forum Vote over to Final Snapchat Vote so we can then start moving forward? Cheers! Scorpio :raising_hand_man:

Thanks @Scorpio I’ve brought this up with the core team.

Hi @anna-marie Subsequent to my post above received word back that this would be discussed in upcoming Core meeting to determine best way forward!. Thanks for your follow up! Cheers!

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Hello! Checking on the status of PIP [1] SMI Plan Development as has passed all hurdles except Snapshot Vote which months ago was advised to be on hold until vePOP was in place on which have heard nothing on further? Thanks!

Thanks Scorpio, I’m checking with the team on next steps here.

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Thanks Joey! Last was advised this would be put to final Snapshot vote with only change that would be USDC instead of POP used, which makes even more sense now than back then. Hold up was due to vePOP which not sure if this is even happening now?

Can we get this done? Our World needs this plan more than ever!

Last was discussed as $1,200 USDC per week for 12 weeks or POP equivalent.

Before retirement in 12 weeks Popcorn should get this plan done then fund the rollout with VCX!

Let’s F’n Go on this one!