[PIP-17] Twitter Space vlPOP Giveaway


Follow-up to RFC-19
To incentivize more consistent attendance on Twitter Spaces, Popcorn can introduce a vlPOP airdrop giveaway function. The amount of vlPOP per giveaway will be equal to # of attendees.


Increase number of attendees, consistency of attendance, and involvement of Popcorn community. Community calls are an important platform for core team members to share roadmap updates and community members to engage is discussions about governance. By making the Twitter Spaces more of an emphasis, information can easily concentrated from the newsletter, forum, blog, and Twitter to a <1 hour weekly “podcast”. For individual’s not currently involved with Popcorn, attending Twitter Spaces is now a low-effort way to learn about the project and possibly earn POP. A win-win!


  1. Users who attend >50% of Twitter Space are eligible
  2. Twitter handles for eligible users will be collected and selected at random after the Twitter Space
  3. Winner will be contacted via Twitter DM to collect wallet address
  4. vlPOP transferred to winner by EOM or the following EOM if Twitter Space happens after 25th

Note that discretion should be used in the case of a bot attack/exploit that artificially inflates attendees. In that case, vlPOP amount should resort to previous verifiable attendance number.

Please indicate if you approve or disapprove of this proposal.

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Will this include people who listen ansynchronously after the spaces has finished, eg due to different time zones.

In many Popcorn spaces the majority of listeners are asynchronous - though I understand why we’d want to flip that

How much vlPOP do we want to use for this initiative?
Is the proposal to do it just 1 month or longer?
How do we measure success?

@BRMbm It’s difficult to find a time that’s universally convenient for everyone, which is why a good portion of listeners are asynchronous. However, this initiative would be to focus on building a larger live audience to build a more back and forth discussion during these calls instead of a one-way communication channel

@mettodo an initial rollout plan would be to trial this for 1 month (4 Twitter Spaces), with a budget of 1k vlPOP. Success can be measured by a higher average listener rate as compared to prior weeks
10/6/2022 - 66
10/13/2022 - n/a
10/20/2022 - 2,300
10/27/2022 - 631 (Streamed demo from Discord)
11/3/2022 - n/a
11/10/2022 - 17
11/17/2022 - 25
11/24/2022 - n/a
12/1/2022 - n/a
12/8/2022 - 65
12/15/2022 - n/a
12/22/2022 - 12
12/29/2022 - n/a

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