Embrace our friends "🐒 money" and "moon dogs"

The crpyto market is driven by plain old greed. Humans are greedy and there is no good way to change that (ask your favourite religion ^^). We are all quite annoyed by “wen dex?” and “airdrop launched?” but in the end POPCorn needs to attract money to generate yield which again can be used to do good. Furthermore stablecoin staking schemes like :butter: are way less gambling and way more predictable/save investments than buying some cheap Shib and hoping for :last_quarter_moon_with_face:which means one can argue that converting some Shib fans into :DoggoPopcorn: :butterbucket: fans is already a good deed in itself.

I propose catering a whole set of marketing material and twitter meme action towards attracting that particular target group with promoting those high :butter: APYs and playing with that smart :cat: vs poor :dog: theme as well as hijacking those " :dog2: to teh :last_quarter_moon_with_face:" threads on twitter and co.


Copying this over into the ‘suggest content’ popstar thread so we can get some more feedback and working groups going

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