[PIP-21] Revitalization of the Popcorn DAO Community and Social Hubs

The purpose of this proposal is to revitalize the Popcorn Community and Social Hubs through a couple of mechanisms that would allow them to achieve their goals of strengthening the Popcorn community and supporting the Popcorn protocol.

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[RFC-20] Revitalization of the Popcorn DAO Community and Social Hubs

Rationale and Objectives
This is a proposal to recommend the implementation of a couple of mechanisms to engage potential contributors whilst promoting Popcorn’s growth at the same time, amongst other highlighted benefits.

  1. The creation of a Popcorn Community Hub Twitter Account: A novel Popcorn Community Twitter account run by Popcorn DAO contributors is a great way to create buzz and awareness about the Popcorn protocol and its DAO. The advantage this account would have over the main account is that it would be able to explore and interact with wider ecosystems and niches that the main account cannot due to professional restrictions.
    This account would relate with the Popcorn community and the entire crypto Twitter in a less-official and more engaging manner via tweets, memes, polls, etc., which would in turn increase the social activity of the $POP token on Twitter.
  2. The creation of a Popcorn Community Hub Medium/Mirror Publication: Run by contributors, the Community Hub could also go on to become a vibrant Web3 knowledge base. Skilled contributors are added as writers and are able to share opinions and achieve consensus on engaging Web3 and Crypto news or topics.
    This would directly benefit Popcorn as product and tech deep dives, community updates, periodic recaps, etc. would also be published on the publication by contributors.

Overall, these mechanisms would through the content that they publish, help Popcorn achieve one of its documented goals: “to help onboard first-time users into DeFi, inspire people to create new solutions, and educate about decentralization, DAOs, and the link between DeFi and social impact.”

Next Steps
The next step to be carried out if this proposal passes are:

  • the creation of the respective accounts and tools
  • the curation of a well-revised content plan and content calendar to be reviewed by the community.
  • to commence a 30-day trial period to test if these mechanisms resonate with the community and are worth investing in.

Here is a run-down of the roles and budget required to begin the trial period and the KPIs to measure its success:

  • Roles
    • Hub Operator: Hamzat (trial)
      • Workscope:
        • Social Media Operation:
          • Content strategy and planning
          • Content curation
          • Engage ecosystems
        • Publication Operation
          • Content strategy and planning
          • Format publication
          • Manage publication
          • Edit, review and publish submitted articles
          • Curate and publish regular content like Web3 news, ecosystem updates, etc.
    • Core Team Liaison
      • Workscope:
        • Content moderation and approval
  • Budget
    • Bounties
      • articles: 1000 POP
      • Figma templates (to accompany blog posts and some tweets): 200 POP
    • Tools and Subscriptions
      • Medium Account & Publication Subscription: $5 per month or $50 per year
      • Content Collaboration and Moderation Tool [Feedhive]: $30 per month
  • KPIs
    • one or more articles/blog posts published each week
    • 1+ tweets daily
    • 100+ Twitter followers by the end of the trial period

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@hamzat_iii As many people commented on the RFC for this proposal, I think this idea has a lot of potential and the a 30-day trial is a great way to test it.

It looks like the total cost of the trial would be 1200 POP + $35 for tools, which sounds pretty reasonable. If the trial is successful, do you have an estimate of what the ongoing costs would be to continue the program?

@krychek I know there’s a need to be conservative with expenses before Vaults launch and POP tokenomics are refined, so the timing for this also needs to be considered. When would you recommend the trial take place, assuming this PIP passes?

Total costs should be roughly the standard 1000 POP for bounties, $35 for tooling and about $1500 in POP in compensation for the hub operator.