xPOP to POP instant conversion - READ before ape'ing!

Hi POP peeps :slight_smile: I’m really happy that the xPOP to POP vesting contract as well as public staking is live! However from the discussions I saw (and participated in) on various channels I got the feeling that the two year linear vesting period for xPOP is controversial. From a project point of view it makes totally sense since you want to avoid a liquidity shock from short time coin flippers and airdrop farmers especially as long as you don’t have your main product out. However, people who expected an instant 1:1 conversion and to be able to immediately stake (and benefit from those nice APYs) feel cheated. Also, one might be in a position where cashing out now is necessary.

Personally I’m in for the long game which is why I have decided to buy xPOP for POP on a fixed 6:1 ratio from you via UniSwap on Polygon. 1/6 is the amount of POP you would otherwise be able to claim after vesting xPOP for 4 months (24 months/2 years vesting period). On top of that I’m offering fixed price exchange for xPOP to USDC via UniSwap on Arbitrum. Since my resources are limited this offer is only available “as long as supply lasts”.

You should look at the offer if:

  • you need to cash out now for personal reasons
  • you expect POP to significantly loose its value over the course of the next three months

You shouldn’t take the offer if:

  • your are in for the long game
  • you expect POP to keep its value or even increase in value

Disclaimer: I’m not a core team member, however I’m a POPstar/ambassador. Also this is not financial advise!


I see we are at a very early stage of this project and I am a long-term investor, so locking down POP for 1-2 years is not important, all for the mutual benefit of our project in the long run

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Hey POP fans :slight_smile: I can now offer a similar deal on Arbitrum. Simply use Uniswap on Arbi and you will be able to xPOP for DAI.

Small update for poly: I’m now offering 1:6 - which is the amount you would otherwise get after 4 months of vesting (more :popcorn: bullish so to speak :slight_smile: )

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Hi friend. And what about xPOP on Binance Smart Chain ?

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BSC is live too now 1inch :slight_smile: Like for Arbitrum I can only offer a fixed exchange rate to USD (BUSD to be precise) since I simply have no POP on BSC.

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Small update: For unknown reasons 1inch limit orders are not working anymore on various chains?! Anyway I’m now offering xPOP to POP swaps via UniSwap on Polygon as well as xPOP to USDC swaps via UniSwap on Arbitrum. For BSC you have to try 1inch from time to time. It worked yesterday but doesn’t work at the moment - maybe this will change again.

Btw. on all chains you can use 1inch P2P feature but please contact me first via DM if you want to use it.

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Ist mean we cant swap xpop directlly to POP?the what next?

Ist still locked?

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On polygon, arbitrum and bsc you can vest your xpop and receive pop over the course of two years. This means if you vest 240 xpop you will be able to claim about 10 pop each month. Simply go to Popcorn - DeFi for the People select your favourite network and vest your xpop.

What I’m offering here is an instant exit (no vesting) which has the downside of giving up on a large part (75%) of your vesting rewards.

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why is the price of xPOP on arbitrum so much cheaper than xPOP on Polygon.? it should have the same price right.?

why xPOP in arbitrum is not 1:6 like xPOP in Polygon

The main reason are my limited resources: I only have a limited amount of “play” money for high risk crypto investments spread over several chains. On top of that I don’t have POP on Arbi or BSC (yet) and it takes extra effort/risk/money to move vested pop afterwards and have to offer stablecoins instead.

if you offer with stable coins, it should be with the same value as in Polygon. not like this which is only half the price of a pop in Polygon

As I said I can’t/won’t offer better rates at the moment. However you could always move your xPOP yourself across chains as far as I know. Or simply vest it for 24 months and get 100% of your POP.

FYI due to low interest I have closed/withdrawn my xPOP to (USDC/POP) liquidity on Polygon and Arbitrum. The only remaining offer is live on BSC.