PIP-15 University Governance Program

Follow-up to RFC-14

  1. Establish a program for university blockchain organizations (or affiliated DAO) with a governance program to be allocated POP for the sole purpose of participating in governance
  2. POP allocations will range from 5-10k POP (aligned with most large POP holders from recent Snapshot votes)
  3. Establish “Delegate” status for these organizations on Snapshot so POP holders can delegate voting power to these research-focused organizations


  1. Increase involvement and awareness of Popcorn through participation of large blockchain organizations at reputable universities
  2. Provide POP holders with reputable delegate options who can vote on their behalf
  3. Boost rate of RFC/PIPs and their discussions through the involvement of dedicated governance teams from these organizations


  1. Outreach to potential university blockchain organizations and receive applications using this form
  2. POP allocation range set to 5-10k, although additional voting power may be accrued from delegation of community POP holders
  3. Onboard organizations and renew participation in program on an annual basis
    • If organization no longer plans to participate, POP amount originally allocated will be returned in its entirety

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