[PIP-12] Stake Pop & Vote on Optimism


This proposal is a follow up from RFC-12 and aims to deploy vlPOP on Optimism such that POP holders on Optimism can participate in governance on snapshot with vlPOP.

Action steps:

  • Redeploy staking contract from Ethereum on to Optimism
  • Create front-end for staking
  • Allocate 10K POP rewards for an 8 week window


  • Allow and incentivize POP holders on Optimism to vote

Please indicate if you approve or disapprove the proposal below.

Stake POP & Vote on Optimism
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  • Disapporve

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Supportive of this assuming that there is a clear path for all OG POP holders currently staking on mainnet and Polygon so that Optimism staking and vlPOP options doesn’t undermine their Eth/Poly POP holdings.

Should “redeploy” be replicate instead?
This would mean that Optimism staking and vlPOP exists alongside Eth/Poly options - at least initially - instead of replacing Eth.

Recent Popcorn PIPs and articles have encouraged more active staking and governance activity via Eth/Poly vlPOP so this would give more certainty to existing holders that have vote-locked their POP and may be concerned about a shift to Optimism.

We will leave up Mainnet and Polygon staking until Optimism staking goes live and then make a decision on whether we close down Mainnet and Polygon staking.

Users can bridge POP on Mainnet and Polygon to Optimism using https://gateway.optimism.io/ to stake on popcorndao.finance.

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Depending on timing - Is there an option to end current staking on Eth/Poly early to bridge over to Optimism?