How to get Popcorn token?

Can someone point me to the place i can get this token?

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Hey there :slight_smile: For Polygon you can use Sushi-Swap, for Ethereum you can use UniSwap.

Hi there, you can currently get popcorn on Ethereum in Uniswap (Contract address= 0xd0cd466b34a24fcb2f87676278af2005ca8a78c4 ) and on polygon in sushiswap (Contract address= 0xC5B57e9a1E7914FDA753A88f24E5703e617Ee50c).

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It is also available on Uniswap (Polygon)
Contract address= 0xc5b57e9a1e7914fda753a88f24e5703e617ee50c