[VIP-35] Officially close the POP to VCX Migration Window on January 31, 2024

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VaultCraft proposes the official closure of the POP to VCX token migration window on January 31, 2024, at 00:00. This closure marks a significant milestone in our protocol’s evolution and aligns with our strategic goals for the upcoming fiscal year. Over 50 reminders have been disseminated across various communication channels, including Telegram, Discord, pop.network, and app.vaultcraft.io, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed and have ample opportunity to participate in the migration process.

Value Proposition

Closing the migration window offers several benefits:

  1. Operational Clarity: Finalizing the migration process will streamline our token framework, simplifying both internal operations and user experience.
  2. Market Stability: By setting a definitive end date, we mitigate the risk of market volatility that can arise from prolonged or indefinite migration periods.
  3. Resource Reallocation: Concluding the migration allows us to redirect resources and focus toward developing new features and enhancing existing offerings within VaultCraft.
  4. Stakeholder Confidence: A clear transition from POP to VCX instills confidence among users and investors, showcasing our commitment to protocol development and roadmap adherence.


The closure process will involve several key steps:

  1. Final Reminders: A series of final reminders will be sent across all communication platforms one week before the closure date.
  2. Technical Preparation: Our technical team will ensure that all systems are prepared for a smooth transition, with contingencies in place for any unforeseen issues.
  3. Migration Window Closure: The migration service on app.vaultcraft.io will be disabled at the specified time and date.
  4. Post-closure Support: All POP stakeholders who want to convert POP to VCX after the migration period will be directed to the Balancer pool: Balancer. All stakeholders are asked to convert POP to VCX no later than 1 week prior to the migration window closing to make sure they have enough time to resolve any migration issues.


The decision to close the POP to VCX migration window is a strategic move towards consolidating our token offerings and strengthening the VaultCraft ecosystem. We have taken extensive measures to inform and remind our stakeholders of this change. This step is crucial for our continuous growth and ability to innovate within the DeFi space. We appreciate the community’s support and engagement throughout this process and look forward to a prosperous future with our VCX token at the forefront of our operations.

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Nice proposal. What about creating a POP/VCX pool for all latecomers so we create some buy pressure for VCX?

What about creating a support channel on Discord for all POP stakeholders that forgot to migrate, or couldnt? They should at least know theres a POP/VCX pool that they can swap into.