VaultCraft Governance Process

VaultCraftDAO supports the software development of VaultCraft, a blockchain infrastructure for building, deploying, and monetizing non-custodial DeFi strategies in a few clicks.

TL;DR: Post a VaultCraft Improvement Proposal VIP using the template at the bottom of this post. If approved, it can then move onto a Snapshot vote.

Table of Contents

I. Overview

II. Governance Process

  1. Submit a VaultCraft Improvement Proposal VIP
  2. Vote in Snapshot
  3. Process Results

III. VIP Template

I. Overview

Proposal creation, voting, and processing is carried out by VaultCraftDAO governance. The purpose of a VIP is to build upon or change significant features of VaultCraft and its resources. For example, the VaultCraft Governance Process could be used to suggest where to allocate treasury funds.

Proposals can arise from discussions held in Discord or the forum, or can be based on an individual DAO member’s own expertise.

Mature ideas can be submitted as a VIP. VIPs that pass the forum voting process with a majority approval will then go to a Snapshot vote.

II. Governance Process

  1. Submit a VIP

Anyone can submit a VIP. VIPs require the following information:

  • Poll
  • Summary
  • Background
  • Motivation
  • Desired Outcome

Forum votes are used as a way to gauge overall community sentiment and determine whether there is ample support for it to pass a Snapshot vote. Share your VIP in Discord and give the community at least three days to process and vote on it.

  1. Vote in Snapshot

If your VIP passes with a majority approval, it can proceed as a Snapshot vote. Provide a core team member with the content of your VIP along with the relevant forum discussion links. Snapshot votes are the final step for VCX holders to ratify the proposal into DAO governance.


  1. Process Results

If the VIP is approved in the Snapshot vote, DAO contributors will be tasked with implementing the proposal in a timely manner. Your proposal has popped from an idea-kernel into VaultCraftDAO governance!

III. VIP Template

The following template should be used as a basis for your proposal.

  1. Summary/Scope: This is where you provide a tl;dr overview of your proposal. Busy DAO members will thank you for this!

  2. Link to previous DAO discussions: Here, you’ll link to any forum posts or Discord threads that have informed your proposal.

  3. Main Objective: This is where you deeply explore the what, why, when, and how of your proposal. What does your proposal do to further the mission of VaultCraft? Try to indicate any potential risks or drawbacks to your idea, along with its potential benefits. This is also the place to summarize community feedback as it arises.

  4. Contracts/Technical Requirements: What kind of work would need to be done by developer teams to carry out your proposal?

  5. Organizational/Partnership Requirements: What kind of work would need to be done by non-developer teams to carry out your proposal?

  6. Next Steps: What are the next steps to be carried out by DAO contributors if your proposal is approved?

  7. References: Here, you’ll provide any references you used to develop your proposal along with any other relevant content to be considered.