The Flagship Smart Vault Proposal Process


To facilitate the expansion of our markets and provide flagship Smart Vaults with new opportunities, we will establish a structured procedure for individuals to submit their vaults for consideration to become a part of the “flagship” category. This designation will render their vault eligible to receive oVCX rewards, subject to approval by the DAO. Inclusion in the flagship category not only allows the vault to earn oVCX rewards for its LPs but also grants access to the bribe market.


Submit your proposal on the forum with a Yes No pool as a Flagship Smart Vault Proposal (FSVP) using this template:

Summary & Links

  • Website
  • Documentation
  • Github
  • Communities
  • Other useful links

Smart Vault Details:

Protocol Description:

  • Introduce yourselves! Are you a fund, yield aggregator, lending protocol, DEX, etc

Strategy Description:

  1. Define and describe the proposed asset(s) and corresponding protocol(s) involved in the underlying mechanics of the Smart Vault. I.e., where does the yield come from and what is the counterparty risk?

  2. Is it currently 4626-compatible?

  3. What chain(s) is it on?

  4. Any other specifications. E.g., time-locks, leverage, liquidity mining

Value proposition:

Describe the value your Smart Vault would bring to the VaultCraft ecosystem, both quantitative and qualitative


What commitments are you willing to make to ensure the success of this Smart Vault? Liquidity bootstrapping, bribing on Hidden Hand and/or Paladin, building a veVCX position, co-marketing, etc


Have the strategies and/or protocols involved undergone any audits? Please share security history information

Review Process

The FSVP requires majority approval in the forum before proceeding to a Snapshot vote. In order to submit a proposal to Snapshot, the author must possess a minimum voting power of 50,000. Snapshot votes will be live for 3 days and require a minimum of 1,000,000 votes to reach quorum. VCX and veVCX holders are both eligible to vote, with veVCX holders recieving ~5x the voting power per VCX held.

To expedite integrating the strategy after approval, introducing the strategy owner or a representative from the protocol to the team would greatly expedite the process.

In the event that the FSVP is denied, you are encouraged to resubmit your proposal with additional information to enhance its chances of approval, but please ensure that the changes made are substantial.

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