Vaultron NFT VCX Airdrop - Season 1 Results

Below is the export of all Vaultron holders addresses with corresponding Tier, Mercle XP, VaultCraft Multiplier, and VCX Airdrop Allocation.

Total VAULTRON NFT’s by Tier:

Bronze: Vaultron: 1,721
Silver: Vaultron: 88
Gold: Vaultron: 14

All XP points earned by Vaultron holders are eligible for subsequent season airdrops.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you minted a VAULTRON NFT but did not complete any tasks, you will not receive VCX airdrops because you did not earn any XP points. You need XP points to be eligible for VCX airdrops, as stated here: Introducing VAULTRON. VaultCraft’s NFT reward optimizer | by Alzo | VaultCraft | Medium