[PIP-11] Token Burn // Charity Donation


This intention of this proposal is to simultaneously benefit POP token holders and charitable organizations by burning an equivalent amount of donated POP in a pilot campaign that will be evaluated.

Desired outcomes:

  • Incentivize charitable giving
  • Incentivize token burning
  • Incentivize buybacks
  • Optimize token economics to be more mission aligned with funding public goods


Token burning removes future coins from circulation, permanently decreasing the overall supply of the cryptocurrency. This helps to increase scarcity and raise the value of each remaining coin, which theoretically will result in a more attractive market to onboard new users. Aligning charitable giving with burning creates more value for all POP holders and further aligns Popcorn stakeholder incentives.


  • Pilot the next charitable donation PopcornDAO distributes with the following multipliers:

For example, if $10K in fees are donated to charity, the following chart calculates the amount donated, matched, burned, and bought back by PopcornDAO given the multipliers:

Given there are many combinations of multipliers we can apply, Iā€™d like to propose 4 budget appropriate options PopcornDAO can vote on:

Option A

  • Match Multiple: 1X
  • Burn Multiple: 5X
  • Buyback Multiple: 1X

Option B

  • Match Multiple: 2X
  • Burn Multiple: 5X
  • Buyback Multiple: 2X

Option C

  • Match Multiple: 3X
  • Burn Multiple: 5X
  • Buyback Multiple: 3X

Option D

  • Match Multiple: 3X
  • Burn Multiple: 10X
  • Buyback Multiple: 3X

Please indicate which option you approve:

Token Burn // Charity Donation Options
  • Option A
  • Option B
  • Option C
  • Option D

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Is the Match variable applied to the Donation amount?
Eg 3X match applied to $10k donation (from fees) = $10k fees + $30k matched ($40k to charity)?
If so, where does the matched funds come from?

And what are the potential downsides from the increasingly popular Option D (higher multiplier amounts)?

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Multiples multiply Fees for charity.

The downside of Option D is the aggregate match and buyback spend can potentially be very high, depending on fees $. However, if we pilot this campaign on the next grant distribution, fees will most likely be no more than $10K in aggregate, which is affordable in terms of multiples. Nothing is for certain.