[PIP-10] Treasury Management for Aragon USDC


This proposal is a followup from RFC-8 and aims to make PopcornDAO’s USDC treasury on Aragon productive.


A treasury made productive with audited and decentralized yield-generating products ultimately increases our treasury and PopcornDAO’s runway. The intent here is to

  1. Remove funds from Aragon
  2. Deposit into a Gnosis multisig
  3. Determine the appropriate product(s) to use to put our treasury to work
  4. Boost treasury and runway

Gnosis allows you to connect the multisig directly to the PopcornDAO determined dApp to be used to generate yield.

Action Steps

  • Withdraw USDC from Aragon into a Gnosis multisig
  • Followup PIP-9
    10 with another PIP to PopcornDAO on where to deposit funds to generate yield

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Treasury Management for Aragon USDC
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