[FSVP-3] ezETH bpt Smart Vault

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Smart Vault Details

Protocol Description:

Renzo is a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager for EigenLayer. It is the interface to the EigenLayer ecosystem securing Actively Validated Services (AVSs) and offering a higher yield than ETH staking.

The protocol abstracts all complexity from the end-user and enables easy collaboration between them and EigenLayer node operators.

Renzo strongly advocates for EigenLayer and its goal of facilitating permissionless innovation on Ethereum, and programmatically acquiring trust for the ecosystem. Renzo is built to promote the widespread adoption of Eigenlayer.

Strategy Description:

Using Aura adapter, stake the user’s ezETH/WETH Balancer LP Token in an Aura gauge, earning the platform’s governance token. Earned tokens are swapped for more LP Token. To complete the compounding cycle, the new LP Token is added to the farm, ready to go for the next earning event.

Additionally, users recieve boosted Renzo ezPoints, trading fees, and BAL emissions from Renzo’s active incentivization of Aura’s Hidden Hand market.

Vault will be on Ethereum mainnet.

Vault shares to be used as receipt of deposits to track points. User redeems vault share for underlying deposit.

Value proposition

ezETH has already accumulated $283M in TVL, and will continue given it accepts native ETH deposits that are not capped by EigenLayer.

For users, this is a strong alternative to LPing directly to Balancer as the vault handles Aura staking, reward compounding, and importantly offers oVCX emissions as a boosted APR.


  • Co-marketing
  • Inclusion on DeFi with an ezPoint multiplier